Free Love Your Budget Seminar
Thursday Oct 24, 2019 05:00 PM
Thursday, Oct 24, 2019 07:00 PM

Managing your finances can sometimes feel like a chore. But it doesn't have to be this way. Automate many of your day-to-day financial tasks in just five simple steps. Find out what those steps are and make headway toward becoming a financial budgeting pro!

Topics include:

  • Recognizing your core values and setting goals
  • The benefits of tracking your earnings
  • Allocating and managing your spending
  • Budgeting methods
  • Money-saving tips

5p-6p Free Presentation 6p Light Dinner Provided

To receive voucher for outfit, clients must attend presentation.

JLSLC Headquarters
526 E 300 S
Salt Lake City UT 84102
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