March Madness: Fun Bus to Wendover
Saturday Mar 24, 2018 04:30 PM
Sunday, Mar 25, 2018 02:00 AM

A full size luxury coach providing entertainment and transportation to and from Wendover.

Also included in the package is $7 free play, free buffet, free cocktail, lucky bets, and a discount at the gift store.

You must ride the same bus home that you took to Wendover.

Bus leaves pick up location at 4:45 pm, and leaves Wendover at 2:00 am.

Pick Up/Drop Off Location

(Sears) 781 South Main Street Salt Lake City, UT

Amy Kennedy
Bandley, Jason
Bandley, Michelle
Cloyd, Angie
Dengler, Amber
Gallo, Adrian
Giuliano, Amy
Hayes-Watkins, Justine
Holgate, Lewis
Judd, Meredith
Lakosil, Jessica
Lewis, Julia
Liechty, Amber
St. Clair, Cindy
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